This is a film I made while my first trip in Asia, in a cityI have been dreaming about for a long time. I spent some days there, getting lost in the streets, wandering into bright and dark neighborhoods.

There are three parts, three moods. Travel from high rise buildings to smokey alleys, passing by temples, and immerse yourself into the streets.


TasksArt Direction, Shooting, Editing, gradingYear2016

Lorn – Ice
John Everist – Prosperity
Daft Punk – Solar Sailer


I chose to shoot the film only at night, to capture the atmospheres I was looking for.

On the opposite, I candidly shot pictures during the day as I wandered around for quiet times.
This city can get as busy as calm depending on where you go.

I took one day to go to Lama island down south, which is quite exotic and very green,
a fresh breath of air from the concrete blocks and the neverending activity.

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