A glimpse of the last Morning Gloryville that happened at Le Carreau du Temple in Paris 03 (September, 10th).Morning Gloryville?? The concept came from London (created in 2013) when two friends decided that the World needed a revolution in conscious dancing – a raveolution. They acknowledged that the city was full of morning-haters, yet they figured that the morning was the perfect time for the stressed out people with demanding desk jobs, the ravers and ex-ravers, and everyone else, to get into their bodies, energize, and infuse some healthy fun and playfulness into the daily grind. It would be a wonderfully positive way to start their day!

Since 2013 Samantha Moyo (co-founder) helped Morning Gloryville to grow and to evolve into a global social movement:NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo, Barcelona, Dublin, Sydney etc…and that’s how Karima Boumediene decided to implement it in Paris with her friend Nosra…in order to bring happiness to our Parisians!

I was asked to shoot the first Morning Gloryville Parisian event.

TasksShooting, Editing, gradingYear2016

© Basile Tournier 2016